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A Quick Biography

My name is Robert Magnolia and I am a graduate of York Technical College and Kaplan University. I have an Bachelors Degree in Computer Science Specializing in Computer Programming and Application Development and Design. I currently work for Netsmart Technologies as a Clinical Support Specialist where I diagnose issues with pharmacy integrated systems and write up solutions. I primarily work with ASP.NET software and SQL Server databases but also create SQL scripts and external programs to analyze data related issues.

I wrote my first program when I was 8 years old on an archaic Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer. Granted I read it straight from the book so it didn't take much thought or skill to do, but I thought it was the coolest thing that after typing a bunch of stuff on a keyboard you could make fun little games. Since then, I was hooked on computers.

Getting started in diagnostics...

I pulled apart my first computer when I was 15. It was a MS-DOS based machine with Windows 3.1 running on it. I found something very satisfying about really getting into the guts of the machine and by adding or removing parts you could really change the experience of you system. It started with peripheral cards and then upgrading memory. Soon after I was play with hard drives and CD-ROM drives. I quickly learned that messing with jumpers was not fun at all. Next thing I knew, I was fixing or upgrading all my friend's computers.

Web Design...

During my sophmore year of high school, I discovered the internet and a whole new world had opened up to me. I got back into programming this time with internet web pages using very simple HTML code. These pages were nothing impressive at all, but I was doing stuff that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, my school didn't offer any programming classes but I was able to use the internet to further my skills.

Back to diagnostics...

After high school I got a job working for major computer and technology retailer as a Bench Tech. It was a fun job and really helped me further my skills and knowledge with Windows, Apple, and just the internal workings of computers and printers. I left that job to start a different career path which didn't work out. When the new career didn't work out I tried phone tech support. Being that phone techs are seriously underpaid and not really respected in any way, I left that job too.

A career in a career...

It seemed every job after that I was performing my primary duties and then fixing the office computer in my off time. At one of my jobs I became nominated to build the company's website! I actually enjoyed that part of the job more than the job itself. I built, maintained, and revamped that site for about 2 years before corporate told them they had to use their site. So I left that job. Good thing too because I went back to school to further my education in computer programming.

Back to basics...

In college, I became the lead developer for the York Tech Computer Club web site. I built the site from the ground up by myself (even most of the graphics). Eventually, I decided that the site should be so much more. I didn't have a lot of free time anymore so I recruited a team of developers (in training since they were also students) to really help make the site look, feel, and become awesome. By the time I graduated, we had created a site that any technology geek could be proud of.

Even though I did a lot of internet programming, I managed to get a lot of standard computer programming in. Each time we had an assingment I managed to get mine turned in before anyone else and then the teachers would have me tutor the rest of the class on the assignment. So basically, I did the same assignment about 10 times (not an exaggeration) for each class. By the time I graduated, I was at the top of my class and feeling ready for anything.

Currently, I work with a wonderful group of intelligent people. Every day I get to learn something new and expand my skills. If you like something enough to do it every day, get educated in it fully then get paid for it. Thanks for stopping by.

My Resume

RMagnolia Resume.pdf - A copy of my resume.
Online Resume - Slightly more elaborate and includes full work history.

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