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Computer Programming

This section is deticated to my computer programming projects. It will contain many of the wonderful projects that I have done during my time at York Technical College. Some of them are pretty cool and others are completly useless except for a learning purpose (I have not posted the useless ones... I think). I have grouped them by the language they are written in and you can see my proficency (more of my confidence level) I have with each language. Either way, I hope you enjoy the stuff that I have built. Keep in mind, these are projects that were created for a college class or something to that effect.

Language Proficency (1-5) Comments
I have taken a class on this and really enjoyed the language. It is very close to Java except using a Windows API. I like that this language has a very wide variety of ways to get the job done. I am currently exploring the language and implementing it for use with the XNA studio to create XBox 360 games. As soon as I get some done, I will post them here.
I still have yet to explore the avenues of Visual C++, but the core language I have knocked!
Still a little shaky on its more complex concepts, but I am experienced in the language.
Visual Basic .NET
I can make programs work and look good. I am still working on using more of the advanced features of Visual Studio. Things are comming along nicely though.

Program Files (Executables)
Name Written In Last Update Description
Tic-Tac-Toe Visual Basic .NET 6/21/10 A little game I did for class. Good for wasting some time, but don’t get frustrated if it takes a while to beat the computer. I think I made the AI a little too smart.
Test Maker Visual Basic .NET 6/21/10 My final project for VB class. This file creates a multiple-choice test based on how many questions you want to have. As you will see it was made specifically for my professor York Technical College. Just populate the fields and compile, and a standard text file is produced as a test or answer key.
Basic Address Book Java 6/21/10 This program is a very basic address book. It stores a contact name, and prints out a list of contacts. It works well if you have just a few people, but for a full scale address book, it really is not a good program to use. Maybe one day I will go through it and make a better one. Might also give me a chance to get better at NetBeans interface builder.

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