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Here I will have a list of the websites that I have designed and a list of tools that I have used to create them. Generally, I use Notepad or Notepad++ to create the pages since I believe programs like Expression Web, Front Page, and Dreamweaver add too much garbage to the code. In my experience, its always to write every last bit of code yourself. This way you know exactly what is going into the program you are writing.

For now, all I really have up is the York Tech Computer Club site and of course this one. I’ll try to get more up soon. Thanks for being patient.

Offical YTCC Site - This was the first attempt at the site before I got some help on it. It looks ok up front, but behind the scenes (the actual code) is a mess LOL.

Un-Offical YTCC Site - After I got a team together, we created this site. Much better system in place and prettier behind the scenes. I’m the first to admit 2 heads are better than one. Maybe they will get it up and official soon.

So far, I am using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and some SQL to build this site. I created all the graphics on this site with Adobe Photoshop CS4, and the fonts come from DaFont.com. Check these sites out. They are pretty neat and have some great utilities to download.

Language Proficency (1-5) Comments
I know it like the back of my hand. Little or no reference needed.
Not exactly rocket science if you know HTML already, but can be a bit tricky.
Very good application skills. I'm sure I can get a little better with it though.
I know of it, and can use bits and pieces of it, but the advanced workings of PHP are still very alien to me.
I have used it and can implement basic features like queries and table population. I don't get to use it very often so I am not as fluid as I would like.
This is a great language, but I have never had any practical experience with it.
I can do the basics of XML, but when it gets much past that, I get a little lost.

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