I am looking to work with a team of individuals in the field of Computer Programming or Web Development where we can collectively brainstorm a problem and create working solutions. An alternative would be to teach computer programming in a high school or college atmosphere.


Kaplan University (July 2010 - December 2011)

Bachelors in Computer Science: Application Design and Development

York Technical College (Feb. 2009 - May 2010)

Assoicates in Computer Science: Computer Programming Specialization
Certificate: Computer Diagnostics and Repair

Northwestern High School (Aug. 1992 - June 1996)

General Education, Emphasis on Marketing, and Merchandising.
Member of National Vocational Technological Society (1995 - 1996)

Technology Skills

Application Skills

Computer Programming Skills

Web Design Languages

Operating Systems

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Work History

Computer Technology
Ballroom Dancing
Retail Experience
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