I am looking to work with a team of individuals in the field of Computer Programming or Web Development where we can collectively brainstorm a problem and create working solutions. An alternative would be to teach computer programming in a high school or college atmosphere.


Kaplan University (July 2010 - December 2011)

Bachelors in Computer Science: Application Design and Development

York Technical College (Feb. 2009 - May 2010)

Assoicates in Computer Science: Computer Programming Specialization
Certificate: Computer Diagnostics and Repair

Northwestern High School (Aug. 1992 - June 1996)

General Education, Emphasis on Marketing, and Merchandising.
Member of National Vocational Technological Society (1995 - 1996)

Technology Skills

Application Skills

Computer Programming Skills

Web Design Languages

Operating Systems

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Work History

Computer Technology
Ballroom Dancing
Retail Experience
Complete Work History

Ballroom Dancing

Dance Obsession, Farmingdale, NY Instructor
American Full Bronze
Associate Silver

Fred Astaire of Charlotte Instructor
Certified: American Full Bronze, American Advanced Full Bronze, Fred Astaire Syllabus
Associate Silver, Fred Astaire Syllabus
American Novice Champion 2008

A Step To Gold, Raleigh, NC Instructor
American Full Bronze Certification, ISTD Syllabus
Associate Silver, ISTD Syllabus

Arthur Murray, Charlotte, NC Instructor
Associate Bronze Certification, Arthur Murray Syllabus

Dances Taught
American International
Smooth Rhythm Standard Latin
Foxtrot Rumba Foxtrot Rumba
Waltz Cha Cha Waltz Cha Cha
Tango Mambo Tango Paso Doble
Viennese Waltz Salsa Viennese Waltz Samba
Eastern Swing Quick Step Jive
Western Swing
Lindy Hop